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HIST 178 Syll (Sp'14)

Refer to the current semesters catalog policies

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Unformatted text preview: at 10:30 AM on Tues., March 18. You must turn in the OTHER writing assignment in class at 10:30 AM on Tues., May 6. You may turn in EITHER assignment first but you must turn in BOTH assignments on time (Mar. 18 and May 6) to receive passing grades. You must follow all instructions (see handouts) and use only approved sources. You must submit a printed and stapled copy of each assignment in person to Prof. Gendzel by the proper due date and time. You must also submit the same assignments electronically to TURNITIN.COM by the proper due date and time. Failure to meet requirements will result in grade penalties explained in the assignment instructions. No late assignments will be accepted without grade penalty (see instructions). No late assignments will be accepted more than 7 calendar days (including weekends, holidays, “dead” days, exam days, spring break, etc.) past the due date. HIST 178: Crash, Depression & War, 1920 ­1950 / Gendzel – Spring 2014 Page 5 of 11 GRADING Grading will reflect Prof. Gendzel...
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