HIST 178 Syll (Sp'14)

Sjsu policy s072 requires you to be honest in all

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Unformatted text preview: ’s reasonable expectations based on many years of college teaching. There is no “curve” so the class grade distribution is irrelevant and will remain confidential. There is no “extra credit.” Instead, your grade in this course will be determined strictly by your performance on three exams and two writing assignments according to this chart: Exam #1 (in class Tues., Feb. 25) 100 points possible 1st Writing Assignment (due 10:30 AM Tues., Mar. 18) 75 points possible Exam #2 (in class Tues., Apr. 8) 100 points possible 2nd Writing Assignment (due 10:30 AM Tues., May 6) 75 points possible Final Exam (Fri., May 16, 9:45 AM ­12:00 PM) 150 points possible 500 total points possible Total Points Required for Grade in Course: 486 ­500 = A+ 436 ­449 = B+ 386 ­399 = C+ 336 ­349 = D+ 465 ­485 = A...
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