HIST 178 Syll (Sp'14)

You must submit a printed and stapled copy of each

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Unformatted text preview: on this assignment, download the Source Analysis Paper Instructions and the Source Analysis Paper Grading Rubric from the course website. The list of approved primary source databases is also posted there. Any sources not from the databases posted on the course website must be approved in advance by Prof. Gendzel. For this assignment you are expressly forbidden to use any unapproved databases or any other sources. Book Review (5 ­7 pages due at 10:30 AM on Tues., Mar. 18, or Tues., May 6) You are required to write a 5 ­7 page Book Review of one approved book on U.S. history 1920 ­1950 chosen from the Book Review Reading List posted on the course website. Your review must summarize the book and subject it to critical analysis. For details on this assignment, download the Book Review Instructions and the Book Review Grading Rubric from the course website. Any book not on the Book Review Rea...
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