An instructor with the project management institute

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Unformatted text preview: ndeavor defined as a project. An instructor with the Project Management Institute will set the foundation for this aspect of the course. Using these skills, we will first provide GIS mapping services to students in the URBP 260 (sustainability) course in preparation for their study of the Alum Rock/Capital Expressway neighborhood. Next, we will enter into a study with the San José Planning Department staff as part of the city's ongoing General Plan update process. We will conduct detailed land use analyses in three major corridors that the city is targeting for a high-density, mixed-use, transitsupportive future. The course lectures and exercises will allow students to apply new GIS skills to the study of URBP 179/279: Advanced GIS for Planners, Spring Semester 2008 Page 1 these corridors, culminating in (1) the development of a project geodatabase and metadata, (2) delivery of an interactive mapping application to the city’s planning department, and (3) the presentation of findi...
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