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Unformatted text preview: ons to urban planning. Course Overview and Learning Objectives This combined undergraduate/graduate course builds upon the introductory GIS course offered in the fall semester. It is taught primarily through computer laboratory exercises supplemented by lectures, guest speakers and discussion. We will use intermediate and advanced features of ESRI’s ArcGIS software - including a number of specialized extensions including Spatial Analyst and 3-D Analyst - to address current, real-world urban planning issues. The primary learning objectives for the course are: (1) Develop the intermediate to advanced GIS skills sought by today's employers (2) Engage in collaborative analysis of a real-world urban planning issue using GIS (3) Develop targeted, efficient and responsive GIS project management skills (4) Produce a complete geodatabase and metadata for the primary course project (5) Develop advanced cartographic techniques for the effective display of geospatial data (6) Produce a professional report and data analysis that demonstrate student GIS capabilities The course will model a professional consultant-client relationship and emphasize project management skills that are fundamental not only to GIS projects but to any e...
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