For example upward adjustment of the nal grade will

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Unformatted text preview: ss: participation in discussions, assisting other students, project team support Total This scheme will not be followed in an overly strict manner. For example, upward adjustment of the final grade will be made if performance on one activity is an outlier (e.g. exceptionally high) or if the pattern of scores shows a significant improvement. If such adjustments are made, they usually result in about a half-letter grade improvement. Grades on student work will be assigned as follows: 90% and above A 69%-62% C 89% - 87% A- 61%-60% C- 86%-83% B+ 59%-55% D+ 82%-78% B 54%-52% D 77%-73% B- 51%-50% D- 72%-70% C+ Below 50% F Participation in Class and Attendance Student participation in class discussions is a vital component of this course. There is no formal course credit for participation, however, students should make every attempt to attend all classes and actively participate in discussions. In rare cases where a student misses a significant number of lectures or does not actively participate in discussions, this will impact the final course grade. According to University policy F69-24, “Students should attend all meetings of their classes, not only because they are responsible...
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