Students will work in problem solving teams to

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Unformatted text preview: ngs to city staff late in the semester. Students will work in problem-solving teams to analyze the study corridors and apply project management skills by setting milestones, determining deliverables, and engaging in professional communications with city staff. We will work with the same GIS data used by the city and produce maps with a high degree of cartographic quality, guided by a spet in cartography who is scheduled to visit the class in April. Throughout the semester, you will be encouraged to think about integrating GIS into your other coursework and, if applicable, to your Master's project. Prerequisites ♦ Students are expected to have prior experience with ArcGIS, including the ability to perform basic attribute and spatial queries and the ability to produce a simple, cartographically-correct map using multiple geospatial data layers. Self-study using the "Getting to Know ArcGIS" textbook (not required for this course) is strongly recommended for students wishing to brush up on the fundamental G...
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