Com swsofts parallels 79 or vmware fusion 79 urbp

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Unformatted text preview: n software is needed such as Apple's free BootCamp (available at apple.com), SWSoft’s Parallels ($79) or VMware Fusion ($79). URBP 179/279: Advanced GIS for Planners, Spring Semester 2008 Page 2 Recommended Hardware and Software The computer laboratory and mini-lab are available to students to complete in-class assignments and homework. If a personal computer is used to complete work started in class, a USB flash drive and/or a rewriteable CD-ROM is strongly recommended for saving files and transferring them to the personal computer. GIS data files can be large, so media with at least 2 GB of capacity are recommended. Some webbased services such as YouSendIt.com and TransferBigFiles.com provide free transfer of single files up to a certain size, usually 1 GB. Multiple data files can be consolidated into a single ZIP file prior to transfer. To take full advantage of the course resources, each student should have access to a computer with an Internet connection and have access to the following softwa...
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