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On your free body diagrams indicate the direction of

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Unformatted text preview: ������������������������������������� 2. A new carnival ride called, the projectile, takes riders on the inside of a frictionless loop the loop (radius =40m) and then projects their car at the point marked, C, on the diagram into the water below. Draw a free body diagram for the forces acting on the car at the points marked A, B, and C in the diagram (the car is still on the track at C). On your free body diagrams indicate the direction of the acceleration at each point, A, B, and C. If the acceleration equals zero indicate with a=0. If the car is moving 30 m/s at the point C, with what force does the seat push on a 73 kg passenger (assume the passenger�s feet are not touching the ground and the seat has no back to lean on. Use q =30^0 )? 3. Continuing with the previous problem. If the rider�s car hits the water at a horizontal distance of 160 m from the launch point, C (use q =30^0 ), what are the height of the launch point and the speed of the car just before impact with the water?...
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