Archeology - Anasazi Notes 3- BASKETMAKER II

Cairns at chaco can see almost every outlier when

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Unformatted text preview: leared an area of Earth anout 10m wide, perfectly straight Ø། Road system not as complete or extensive as once thought §༊ May have been more symbolic or iconic Ø། North Road – from Pueblo Alto in Chaco Canyon to Twin Angels at edge of Kutz Canyon badlands (pottery town) Ø། South Road – from Chaco Canyon to Hosta Butte, a dramatically visible landscape v༇ Sites Ø། All contain big rooms, multiple stories, and some sort of curved geometry Ø། Chetro Ketl Ø། Pueblo Alto Ø། Pueblo del Arroyo Ø། Pueblo Bonito is enlarged v༇ Shrines and cairns at Chaco Ø། Can see almost every outlier when standing there v༇ Outliers Ø། To be considered an outlier, the site must have… §༊ Great house §༊ Great kiva §༊ Roads, mounds,...
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