Archeology - Anasazi Notes 3- BASKETMAKER II

Archeology Anasazi Notes 3 BASKETMAKER II

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Unformatted text preview: es Ø། Planned layout (timbers carried long distances to make houses) Ø། Core and veneer masonry Ø། Larger front rooms for residence and smaller back rooms for storage Ø། Burials are scarce Ø། Mutilple stories/exaggerated height Ø། Enclosed kivas Ø། Most were situated on the north side of the canyon in order to receive southern exposure Ø། Excavation done by Judd, Pepper, and Wetherill Ø། When excavating, upper floors may have collapsed to the ground floor v༇ Although Great Houses are being built, people don’t actually live in these houses. Most people live in surrounding smaller houses v༇ Gallup Black- on- white pottery v༇ Communities Ø། Great Kivas Ø། Roads, mounds Ø། Sociopolitical hierchy legitimated by ritual knowledge v༇ Roads Ø། C...
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