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Archeology - ANASAZI - Pueblo I cntd

Population 2000 5000 people v located in san juan

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Unformatted text preview: 000- 1150) • Rounded, normal looking rims §༊ Dogozhi style black- on- white (1000- 1150) • Notable for hatching designs v༇ Agriculture Ø། Check dams – one or several low stone walls constructed across arroyos that slowed the flow of water in the arroyos, allowing it to soak into the ground and preventing erosion Ø། Contour terraces – short walls made of lines of stones built along the contours of slopes that slowed erosion, created flatter field areas, and encouraged development of high- quality soils Ø། Rock piles – enhanced moisture retention CHACO CANYON v༇ “Chaco phenomenon” early 900s - 1150 v༇ Early 1100s – Chaco’s peak. Population ~ 2000- 5000 people v༇ Located in San Juan Basin, NW New Maxico v༇ Both a high place and a low place Ø། Chaco River created canyon by cutting through north side of Chacra Mesa Ø། Chacra Mesa – lon...
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