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Houses late pueblo i sites are identified by stacked

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Unformatted text preview: dence for domestic activity §༊ People cultivated fields within one to three miles of home LATE PUEBLO I • AD 875 – 950 • 875 à༎ People move from Mesa Verde Region to Chaco Canyon region • Large villages cease to exist • Population shift from northern San Juan to south of San Juan River (more predictable rain) • Community Architecture – great kivas, enclosures, and proto- great houses • Late Pueblo I sites are identified by… §༊ Stacked sandstone slabs (Type I masonry) §༊ Red Mesa style black- on- white pottery PUBELO II v༇ AD 900 – 1150 v༇ Pottery Ø། Clapboard Corrugated (AD 900+) Ø། Indented Corrugated (1000+) Ø། Whiteware §༊ Sosi style black- on- white (1...
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