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Archeology - Chapter 7 - The Hohokam System

Early platform mound that was modified six times iii

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Unformatted text preview: jectile points ii. Figurines iii. Shell beads iv. Heavy Glycymeris shell bracelets v. Carved shell and stone ornaments vi. Etched and painted shell ornaments f. Gatlin site i. Desert near the Gila Bend ii. Early platform mound that was modified six times iii. Two oval ballcourts iv. 22 trash mounds, two burial areas with cremations v. Irrigation canal vi. Evidence of manufacture of shell jewelry vii. Highly specialized ceremonial site g. Trade i. Before 1000, trade was conducted village to village ii. Later, one party traveled to the source of desired goods and carried the goods directly to the ultimate buyers iii. Regular, predictable trade emerged h. Wide distribution of ballcourts suggests that local groups outside Hohokam core participated in Hohokam system of beliefs and exchange i...
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