Archeology - Chapter 7 - The Hohokam System

Iv wholesale migration is less likely to have taken

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Unformatted text preview: . Similarities between height of Hohokam and Chaco i. Structures that held high idealogical significance were established in areas where irrigation allowed expansion of agricultural production during a time of relatively abundant rainfall ii. Expanded outside their core areas iii. Specific structures suggest the importance of an ideological component for the development of each regional system 3. iv. Wholesale migration is less likely to have taken place than simple acceptance of the ideology by local populations v. Distinctive and esoteric artifacts (Hohokam serrated projectile points, shells, carved stone, copper bells and Chaco cylindrical vessels, turquoise, inlay) occur regionally only at some sites vi. Show evidence of social rankings (Chaco Great Houses and burial & Hohoka...
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