Archeology - Abbott - The Provenance and Concentrated Production of Hohokam Red-on-Buff Pottery

347 utilitarian bowls and jars were crafted by

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Unformatted text preview: nd far, providing an ideal venue for barter and exchange • Marketplaces and trade fairs decrease the importance of geographic distance between producers and consumers • Did high level of specialization depend on ballcourts? (347) • Utilitarian bowls and jars, were crafted by concentrated groups of artisans specifically for exchange and were probably distributed through the ballcourt network • Dependence on ballgame- related transactions • Ballcourt network had collapsed and various hallmarks of Hohokam material culture, including the once ubiquitous decorated bowls as well as stone palettes, elaborate projectile points, and some kinds of shell jewelry, disappeared from Hohokam assemblages Bahr – The Short Swift Time of Gods on Earth (pg. 307) Comparison to Mesoamerican Ball Game • A s...
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