Archeology - A Gila Butte Ballcourt at La Ciudad

Moreover the game and wagering were central features

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Unformatted text preview: y 1972) • Same patterns of competition appear in versions of the game in northern Mexico among people lacking states and institutionalized positions of power (Beals 1932:16- 18) • Mesoamerican game also involved extensive and substantial wagering (Borhegyi 1980) • The wagers varied from the personal possessions of individuals to the land and property rights of entire social groups, and in all these cases the wagers were often large enough to impoverish individuals and social groups. Moreover, the game and wagering were central features of elite competitions short of war (106) • The disappearance of the ballcourt in the Classic Period may reflect the greater institutionalization of power as evidenced by residences on platform mounds and the Casa...
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