Archeology - A Gila Butte Ballcourt at La Ciudad

This suggests that the specifics of a given village

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Unformatted text preview: nder appear to be scattered haphazardly around the compass circle (105) • The La Cuidad court, as well as the rest of the site, appears to have been laid out in reference to the direction of the main canal as it passes through the site. This suggests that the specifics of a given village plan could affect the orientation of a ballcourt as well as any overarching symbolic structure (105) Similarities to Mesoamerican Ballgame • Mesoamerican ballgame was the competition between social groups and elites who controlled them (106) • In post- Classic this ritualized competition had been organized into a state cult that supported institutionalized power (Cohodas 1978) • Before the advent of such power, the ballcourt provided the arena for competition between different interest in the society and a means of winning power and prestige (Pasztor...
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