Archeology - Hohokam Ballcourts and Their Interpretation

Archeology Hohokam Ballcourts and Their Interpretation

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Unformatted text preview: ve then have served as a useful purpose: when the ball struck them, the curved stop surfaces would tend to return the ball toward the playing field (185) • Formal entryways built on either end of the court, which permitted accelerated erosion that required repeated maintenance effort. Specific symbolism was attached to the way one entered and exited them (185- 186) • Five points in establishing the comparative study of Mesoamerican ballgame to Hohokam courts (55- 85) o A definition of the functional parameters of ball- playing fields or ballcourts o The absence in the Hohokam area of various architectural features, ballgame paraphernalia, and associated cultural practices is not a sufficient reason for rejecting a ballcourt hypothesis o The Mesoamerican ba...
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