Archeology - Marshall - Ballcourt

1 10781 person days 119 working for less than four

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Unformatted text preview: is dirt would need to be moved on average 5m to form the berms (118) • Berms estimated to have been 2.5- 3.0m tall, 5.5- 6.0m wide at the base, and 3.5m wide on top which means that a range of 310 to 689m^3 of extra fill would have been needed to complete the berms. This was probably obtained from borrow pits near the ballcourt (118) • Total labor investment is estimated to be 810.1 – 1078.1 person days (119) • Working for less than four weeks, a 30- person work party could have completed the project. This represents a significant labor investment in a non- subsistence related feature for the Preclassic residents of Grewe (119) • The construction of a small canal 5.5km long and dimensions of 1m x 1m estimates to about 21...
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