Archeology - Marshall - Ballcourt

Given time during the middle colonial period if each

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Unformatted text preview: 15 person days of work, or 70 days of work for the same 30 person work crew (119) • Construction of this single canal required over two times the effort needed to construct a ballcourt • The aggregate volume of all ballcourts in the Hohokam “core” area represent less than one percent of the combined volume of the canals in the lower Salt River Valley (Neitzel 1991:199) • Neitzel ignores the labor costs for moving the earth, carrying water, and adobe mixing/berm forming so the method employed by Neitzel must be considered faulty (119) • Reconstruction of the populations at Grewe suggests that a range of 750- 940 people lived there at any given time during the middle Colonial period. If each household contained on average between fo...
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