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Trash dumps wilcox and sternberg 1983161 in the case

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Unformatted text preview: Could have been put to multiple uses (101) • Many of the odd posts and pits found in Hohokam ballcourts floors may result from such subsidiary activities. Sets of posts such as occur at the Cuidad court and the Hospital Turnkey site, however, suggest major modification of court floors and not accommodation for an auxiliary event (103) • Also, all of the posts recovered from Hohokam courts were charred (Wilcox and Sternberg 1983:176) • Presence of posts, pits, roofs, and pots on the floor of these ballcourts may have been the result of rituals that preceded the retirement of a ballcourt (103) azimuth Decline of the Ballcourts • For the Pueblo Grande and Hospital Turnkey courts, they seem to have lost their sacred character, becoming trash dumps (Wilcox and Sternberg 1983:161) • In the case of the Ciudad court, it appears that the Hohokam went so far as to obliterate the surface indicators of the court (103) • The disappearance of the ballcourt in the Classic Period may reflect the greater institutionalization of power as evidenced by residences on platform mounds and the Casa Grande. With greater institutionalization of power,...
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