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Philosophy - BallCourts & BallGames Continued Notes

The four sites with large courts are all good

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Unformatted text preview: to have watched what went on (184) Court Orientation • Statistical tendency for most courts to cluster in the range 32 degrees west to 16 degrees east of true north, probably explaining the oversimplified generality that “most small courts are orientated north south” (212) • Five courts share an identical orientation: the large courts at Snaketown, Villa Buena, Hodges, and Buena Vista, and the small court at Martinez Hill. The four sites with large courts are all good candidates for leading center within their respective local systems (212) • Cluster of orientations in the range of 149- 169 degrees east of north is also present. The sites included in this cluster are Martinez Hill, Tres Alamos, Big Ditch, Ridge Ruin, Gatlin, and Grewe (212) • The apparent replication on the lo...
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