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Philosophy Notes About Alexander the Great Cntd

The boy was immediately engulfed in flames appalling

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Unformatted text preview: a mare – parallel to a story of the original Darius who changed the role of the Persian empire which involved a mare • Naphtha (flammable oil) was put on a ugly slave boy to test out its effectiveness. The boy was immediately engulfed in flames, appalling Alexander o This anecdote promotes the recurring theme of fire/cold • “When Alexander saw a gigantic statue of Xerxes, which had been toppled (37) • “any Greek who had died before that day had missed one of the greatest pleasures in life by not seeing Alexander seated on the throne of Darius” (37) • Alexander takes over Asia, a place known for a luxurious land o Alexander was by nature exceptionally generous and even more so when he gains wealth o Olympias says tha...
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