Philosophy Notes about Alexander the Great

302 o that except may indicate that alexander wasnt

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Unformatted text preview: sionate desire for fame implemented in him a pride and grandeur of vision which went far beyond his years” (pg. 283) • “Boys, my father will forestall me in everything. There will be nothing great… o Doesn’t think there will be any glory left for him after all Philip is accomplishing • “Alexander thought it was more worthy of a king to subdue his own passions than to conquer his enemies, and so never came near these women, nor did he associate with any others before his message, with the exception only of Barsine” (pg.302) o • That except may indicate that Alexander wasn’t exactly completely abstinent In the evening, after Alexander had a few drinks he started acting more “king- like”, or arrogant • All of ch 23 dedicated to Alexander’s drinking problems Early Life...
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