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Unformatted text preview: FF state change to ON, while 90% of those in the ON state revert to the OFF state. (a) Show that the device approaches an equilibrium in the sense that the proportion of switches in each state eventually becomes constant, and determine these equilibrium proportions. (b) Independent of the initial proportions, about how many clock cycles does it take for the device to become essentially stable? Copyright c 2000 SIAM Buy online from SIAM Buy from 540 Chapter 7 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 7.3.12. The spectral radius of A is ρ(A) = maxλi ∈σ(A) |λi | (p. 497). Prove that if A is diagonalizable, then An ρ(A) = lim n→∞ 1/n for every matrix norm. It is illegal to print, duplicate, or distribute this material Please report violations to [email protected] This result is true for nondiagonalizable matrices as well, but the proof at this point in the game is more involved. The full development is given in Example 7.10.1 (p. 619). 7.3.13. Find a dominant eigenpair for A = 7 0 −6 2 2 −2 3 0 −2 D E by the power method. 7.3.14. Apply the inverse power method (Example 7.3.8, p. 534) to find an eigenvector for each of the eigenvalues of the matrix A in Exercise 7.3.13. T H 7.3.15. Explain why the function m(v) used in the development of the power method in Example 7.3.7 is not a continuous function, so statements like m(xn ) → m(x) when xn → x are not valid. Nevertheless, if limn→∞ xn = 0, then limn→∞ m(xn ) = 0. 7.3.16. Let H = 1 −1 0 0 −2 2 0 −1 1 . IG R Y P (a) Apply the “vanilla” QR iteration to H. (b) Apply the the single shift QR iteration on H. 7.3.17. Show that the QR iteration can fail to converge using H = O C Copyright c 2000 SIAM 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 . (a) First use the “vanilla” QR iteration on H to see what happens. (b) Now try the single shift QR iteration on H. (c) Finally, execute the double shift QR iteration on H. Buy online fr...
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