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Unformatted text preview: -------> ML5Y + L L for (Y=CO) Relative Rate DS‡ NMe3 110 75 NH3 20 55 PPh3 2 40 Cl- 199 -30 NO2OH- 203 -35 209 -10 Explain the following data with respect to possible mechanisms. (6)(15 pts) Some substitutions can be accellerated by acid in solution. The acid protonates the outgoing ligand, decreasing the metal-ligand bond strength. [M(H2O)5X]n+ + H3O+ ------> [M(H2O)5HX](n+1)+ + H2O [M(H2O)5HX](n+1)+ + L -----> [M(H2O)5L](n)+1+ + HX For which of the following ligands, decide which one should show the greatest accelleration of substitution rate by the addition of acid and explain why. X Kb F- 1.4 x 10-11 S2- 0.083 CN- 1.7 x 10-5 PMe 3 M e3P Rh M e3P (7) The molecule OH2 PMe 3 CH2 catalyzes the following reaction. NH NH Write a mechanism for the reaction....
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