If the intensity of light at the detector that

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Unformatted text preview: light at the detector that emerges from the sample is 75% of the intensity of light that enters the sample, and the cuvette has an optical path length of 1 cm, calculate the concentration of lysozyme in solution (in M). Assume the extinction coefficient (ε) of lysozyme in solution is 40,000 cm-1 M-1. (10) NAME: NAME: SID: 6. Answer the following questions in 2 sentences or less: A. What is the Seebeck effect and how can it be exploited to measure temperature? (5) B. What are Korotkoff sounds? (5) C. Why is the Scatchard plot considered superior to the much simpler double-reciprocal plot (1/r vs 1/[L]) as a means of linearizing and extracting Kd values from binding data? (5) D. What is the difference between a piezoelectric material and a pyroelectric material? (5) E. What is the difference between a yield stress and a failure stress? (5) F. What is the difference between paracrine and endocrine signaling? (5) a) The Seebeck effect is a flow of current brought on by a difference of temperature between two metals. Thermocouples have two different metals fused together to create two junctions. The difference in temperature of these two junctions creates the current and is used to measure temperature because the change in voltage is proportional to temperature. b) Korotkoff sounds are noises made by turbulent blow of blood through the brachial artery between the systolic and diastolic pressures while taking a blood pressure reading. c) In a double reciprocal plot, most of the data is bunched together and later values can skew the slope of the line drastically. A Scatchard plot allows for the data to be more dispersed and provides a more accurate slope. d) A piezoelectric material generates different voltages when strain is applied. A pyroelectric material’s potential is altered at different temperatures. e) Yield stress occurs when plastic deformation takes place. Failure stress occurs when the material fails, or breaks. f) Paracrine signaling is when a ligand diffuses from one cell to another while endocrine signaling is when a ligand travels through the vasculature. NAME: NAME: SID:...
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