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poli sci232 f06 Take home exam questions

poli sci232 f06 Take home exam questions - Jacques Jones...

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Jacques Jones Take Home Exam Questions November 27, 2006 T-TH 9:30-1045 Political Science 232 Take Home Exam Questions 1. Is Symbolic speech, such as flag burning practiced by the constitution? *Symbolic speech such as t-shirts with special messages, flag burning, and dismissing the American flag is protected by the Constitution. The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that it was a form of symbolic speech when a man a man burned the American flag in front of City Hall, during the Republican National Convention in Dallas and was arrested. (Texas vs. Johnson). The Supreme Court ruled that the flag burning showed expressive conduct and expressed his freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. Thus, authorizing the congress to prohibit the physical discretion of the flag of the U.S. 2. What is the constitutional basis for right to privacy? *The right to privacy is closely related to due process and has expanded over the years. There are 3 aspects to privacy: -The right to be free from government surveillance and intrusion especially dealing with intimate decision on sexuality.
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