Lecture 14

2 4 6 8 1 democracy and income 1990s tto sweche prt

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Unformatted text preview: ative and28, 2009 Analysis October Historical 8 / 12 Figure 3 Freedom House Political Rights Index .2 .4 .6 .8 1 Democracy and Income 1990s TTO SWECHE PRT IRL ITA DNK MLT NZLFINAUS BEL NLD AUT ISL N CYP BRB FRA OR DEU GRC ESP GBRCAN USALUX KNA MUS BHS JPN URY ISR HUN BLZ CRI LCA GRD LTU POL DMA VCT BWA EST ARG LVA KOR BGR CHL CPV STP BOL PNG NAM JAM ECU MNG BEN BGD MDG HND IND NPL PHL SLV GUY DOM THA COL MLI NIC LKA MWI ZMB CAF GNB MOZ SEN PAK GHA LSO GMB UGA BFA YEM NER HTI TZA SLE ETH 0 ZAR 6 TGO NGA TCD BDI RWA VEN BRA PAN ZAF KHM KEN AGO MRT ALB TWN RUS GTM ROM TUR PRY MEX ATG SYC JOR FJI COM MYS GAB PER SGP MAR COG ZWE KWT DJI EGY CIV GIN TUN LBN DZA IRN SWZ IDN BHR CMR LAO BTN SDN VNM GNQ CHN SYR OMN CUB SAU 7 8 9 Log GDP per Capita (Penn World Tables) QAT 10 Is there a Causal E¤ect of Income on Democracy? To test the modernization view an appealing set-up would involve panel data and country …xed e¤ects to focus on the ‘ within variation’ - as countries become more prosperous, do they tend to become more democratic? A simple look at the data (Figures 1, 2 an...
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