Lecture 14

5 vnm 2 4 6 log settler mortality 8 figure 7 democracy

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Unformatted text preview: AUS USA NZL CRI TTO VEN Democracy Fixed Effect 0 URY BWA ARG JAM NAM ZAF BRA SGP PNG COL SLV CHL MEX DOM PHL PER MYS ECU GTM BOL PAN HND NIC GUY PRY IND PAK_1 SEN GAB MDG ZWE MOZ LSO ZMB CUB LKA MAR GMB GHA IDN DZA TUN BEN NGA BFA COM GNB CIV SLE CAF MLI MWI NER HTI COG KEN GIN TZA CMR MRTTGO AGO TCD PAK BGD EGY UGA KHM GNQ ZAR RWA BDI -.5 VNM -4 -2 0 2 Log Population Density 1500 4 Figure 8 Democracy Fixed Effect and Constraint on the Executive at Independence .5 USA CAN AUS NZL CRI TTO VEN Democracy Fixed Effect 0 URY ARG BWA GTM NIC PRY TCD KHM RWA GNQ ZAR PHL PAK_1 GUY MDG BGD MOZ ZMB BEN PNG ZAF IND LKA MYS SEN MAR GAB GHA TUN DZA CAF MWI CIV HTI GIN NAM COL SLV MEX DOM PER ECU BOL PAN SGP HND CHL BRA JAM BFA GMB PAK ZWE IDN EGY LSO MLI TGO NGA COM GNB NER TZA COG CMR MRT CUB AGO SLE KEN UGA BDI -.5 VNM 0 .2 .4 .6 .8 Constraint on the Executive at Independence 1 Table ? Democracy in the Very Long Run Base Sample, 1500-1995 Former European Colonies, 1500-1995 Pooled CrossSection OLS (1...
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