H phelps brown eh and sheila v hopkins 1955 seven

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Unformatted text preview: Analysis: L September Historical 7 / 25 Source: E. H. Phelps Brown, E.H. and Sheila V. Hopkins (1955) Seven Centuries of Building Wages,” Economica, 22,195-206. The Statue of Labourers 1351 - ‘ enticement’ “And if a reaper or mower, or other workman or servant, of whatever standing or condition he be, who is retained in the service of any one, do depart from the said service before the end of the term agreed, without permission or reasonable cause, he shall undergo the penalty of imprisonment, and let no one ... moreover, pay or permit to be paid to any one more wages, livery, meed or salary than was customary as has been said.” James A. Robinson (Harvard) The Emergence of Modern Economic Growth: A Comparative and28, 2009 Analysis: L September Historical 8 / 25 Factor Supplies and real wages, the Mexican experience Do real wages always increase after ‘ negative population shocks’? Other instances suggest yes. For example, available evidence on the consequences of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland between 1846 and 1849, when probably 20% of the popula...
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