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The relative advantage of the spanish colonial state

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Unformatted text preview: e of Labourers in England. The relative advantage of the Spanish colonial state was higher than that of the English state in the 14th century. James A. Robinson (Harvard) The Emergence of Modern Economic Growth: A Comparative and Historical Analysis: L September 28, 2009 10 / 25 Real Wages of Black Gold Miners in South Africa In Lecture 1 I mentioned the origins of Apartheid in South Africa and the creation of the so-called "Colour Bar’which stopped Africans becoming skilled workers. The Apartheid government (which ran the country until 1994) didn’ t like collecting information of black people, but the historian Francis Wilson was able to use the compensation records of gold mining companies to put together a picture of what happened to the real wages of black miners in his book Labour in the South African Gold Mines, 1911-1969. While GDP per-capita was growing, real wages for African miners were falling. This is a clear consequence of repression and the way the labor market was organiz...
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