P 21 the rulers of bonampak with their captives the

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Unformatted text preview: states Source: Martin, Simon and Nikolai Grube (2000) Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens, London: Thames & Hudson. p. 21 The rulers of Bonampak with their captives The ‘ Collapse’of the Mayan The collapse was a multifaceted event which in‡uenced the southern Mayan areas much more than the northern ones but David Webster sums up its, main facets (p. 213-214). 1 2 3 4 Beginning in the late 8th century Royal dynasties disappeared over huge regions. This happened rapidly in some places, but took 100 years in others. In some places non-royal elites also vanish at the same time. Royal courts did not function, monuments and temples were not carved. With notable exceptions, major centers (e.g. Dos Pilas and the cities of the Petexbatun) were abandoned without signs of widespread and severe violence, though later many monuments were defaced or destroyed. This happened at a time of maximum population, intense warfare and possible environmental degradation. James A. Robinson (Harvard)...
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