Kingdom 1870 1820 1700 1600 1500 1000 1 0 relative

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Unformatted text preview: 1700 1600 1500 1000 1 0 Relative Prosperity in 1500 (Maddison, 1990 dollars) GDP per-capita in 1500 World Average UK Italy Spain Belgium Netherlands Mexico United States China India Japan 566 714 1,100 661 875 761 425 400 600 550 500 Where do these Numbers Come from? Where did 400 come from for the US? Maddison assumes that incomes less than 400 cannot sustain life and so he assigns this to the most “primitive civilizations.” Mexico 425? More developed than the US, we know rates or urbanization were higher and the Mexicas and related tribes were more centralized. This is a guess. Italy? Here we works backwards from 1800 where there are decent estimates and argues that the average growth rate was zero which is consistent with a lot of what we know. UK? Large literature starting from Gregory King in 1696 estimating national income. Very credible numbers for 1700 and afterwards from Crafts and Harley, Maddison uses their growth rate 1700-1801 (0.28% per year) and projects this backwards from the 1700 number. James A. Robinson (Harv...
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