Life expectancy increased source morris ian 2004

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Unformatted text preview: ource: Morris, Ian (2004) “Economic Growth in Ancient Greece,” Journal of Institutional And Theoretical Economics, 160, 709-742. Houses got Bigger Source: Morris, Ian (2004) “Economic Growth in Ancient Greece,” Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 160, 709-742. The Rise of Britain This pattern of ‘ and decline’was …nally broken by Britain starting rise in the late 18th century by the onset of the industrial revolution. Though in many ways what happened was qualitatively similar to what had happened earlier, say in Ancient Greece, it was quantitatively much bigger and coincided with technological innovations never seen before. The economic rise of Britain was preceded by a dramatic change in its’political institutions as emphasized by everyone from Karl Marx to North and Weingast in their seminal paper (1989) “Constitutions and Commitment: Evolution of Institutions Governing Public Choice in 17th Century England.” We can measure this by ‘ constraints on the executive’as measured by the Polity IV dataset and constructed by Acemoglu, Johnson and Robinson for early modern Euro...
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