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Unformatted text preview: n and Pierre Yared (2005) “From Education to Democracy?” American Economic Review, 95, 44-49. Latin America Large amount of information about literacy of conquistadors. James Lockhart (1972) The Men of Cajamarca provides a detailed analysis of those who accompanied Pizzaro. 76.6% could sign their name (this is the basic test for literacy in the pre-modern world) other information suggests that 53% of them could de…nitely read and write. Colombian historian José Ignacio Avellaneda in a series of books (starting with (1990) Los Compañeros de Federmann. Cofundadores de Santa Fe de Bogotá) examined the conquistadors in 5 di¤erent expeditions to New Grenada (Colombia). Average literacy was 78%. Much other evidence consistent with this. Literacy in Spain was lower, around 50%. But (a) conquistadors mostly came from urban areas, Castille and Andalucía which had higher literacy, (b) many were hidalgos, second and third sons of nobles who could not inherit land under Spanish law. Preponderance of these people and those with trades and pr...
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