Test 3 Carbonyls Mechanisms Practice-Compressed

N oh nme ph nhme h2o h h oh h aminol ph phase

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Unformatted text preview: N HN H2O OH 25. H+ H HN 26. NH2 27. 2 Br2, 2NaOH Ph H2O O 3 Cl2, 2NaOH H2O 28. O 1. LDA 2. 29. Br 1. LDA O OEt 2. Br 30. O 31. EtO 32. O EtO 1. NaOEt OEt O O OH O 2. Br 1. NaOEt 2. Br O OEt 3. NaOEt 4. BrCH2CH=CH2 - MeNH2, H Phase 2: Aminol to Imine (an elimination reaction) O Ph H 4 O O + NaOMe H 33. O MeO H O OH O NaOH, H2O Ph Ph H O warmup heat O 36. NaOEt EtOH 0ºC Ph O EtOH heat NaOH O O H 2O hot O O NaOCH3 HOCH3 cold 38. HOCH3 hot Ph OMe HOCH 3 NaOEt OEt 40. HOEt O O + CH3 MeO MeO Ph O O NaOMe Ph MeO CH3 41. O O MeO 1. NaOCH3, HOCH3 OMe O 43. Ph NaOCH3 O O + OMe O 2. H+, H2O, heat NaOMe OMe MeOH O + 44. NaOCH3 H 42. NaOH H 2O cold H NaOEt + 37. Ph cold H H Ph NaOH, H2O O 39. O Ph NaOH, H2O Ph H NaOH, H2O H cold 34. 35. OH NaOMe OMe MeOH 2....
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