Does it match what you predicted if not explain how

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Unformatted text preview: (a) to solve for the motion of the ball. Does it match what you predicted? If not, explain how to reconcile any differences. CONTINUED –2– PHYS 2210 3. Consider the motion of a 2D non-isotropic oscillator, in which the spring constant in the x direction (kx ) is not equal to the spring constant in the y direction (ky ). Each trajectory below depicts the possible motion of a unique non-isotropic oscillator. All three oscillators, share the property that the angular frequencies ωx and ωy for the motions along the x- and y-axes are commensurate, i.e., that the angular frequencies satisfy ω the following relationship: ωx = ny where n1 and n2 are integers. For each case below, n1 2 Figure 2: (a) determine whether ωx is greater than, less than, or equal to ωy , and determine the values n1 and n2 that satisfy the condition. Explain. (b) Using Mathematica generate the three Lissajous plots shown above (You ca...
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