What relative phase angle the dierence between x and

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Unformatted text preview: n download the Mathematica code from the course webpage). What relative phase angle (the difference between x and y phases) is needed for the three trajectories (and what flexibility is there in this choice)? 4. Fig 2 shows the phase space plot for a simple harmonic oscillator (dashed) and the same oscillator with a retarding force applied (solid). Point P represents the initial conditions of the oscillator in both instances. In the diagram, you may assume each division along the position axis corresponds to 0.1 m; along the velocity axis, 0.10 m/s. Figure 3: (a) Explain how you can tell that the damped oscillator is not underdamped. (b) Is the damped oscillator critically damped or overdamped? Explain how you can tell. (c) If you said in part b that the oscillator is {critically damped, overdamped}, then draw how the phase space plot would be different if the oscillator (s...
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