You might just try plotting the real part of the

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Unformatted text preview: pathologies. If your plot has little gaps in it, it’s because MMA is generating tiny imaginary terms added to the result. You might just try plotting the real part of the integral, using the command Re[ ]. Similarly, if it gives you symbolic results, you might fix that by using the command N[ ], which forces MMA to evaluate the expression as a number, if it can! By the way, this integral is called the “complete elliptic integral of the first kind”. (c) A real grandfather clock has a length of about half a meter, and you pull the pendulum, oh, about 10 cm to the side. When designing the clock for practical use, would the clockmaker be safe in making the “small angle” approximation? (What we mean here is to justify your answer with a calculation that tells you whether this clock would be annoying or useful to have in your house! Can you be concrete about what you would consider “annoying” about a clock?) 5. Two large solid spheres, each with mass M, are fixed in place a distance 2l apart, as shown. A small ball of mass m is constr...
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