G what is the numerical value of the in this formula b

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Unformatted text preview: the soccer player succeeds. g (What is the numerical value of the ? in this formula?) (b) Use Mathematica to plot d as a function of v0 , setting h = 2m. Hint: If you want to plot a function f [x] vs x with x0 < x < x1 with Mathematica you can use the instruction Plot[f [x], {x, x0 , x1 }]. Sqrt is the syntax for square roots. Note that Mathematica can’t plot a function with symbolic coefficients (so you have to plug in the values for both g and h) Important: when you type a command into Mathematica, you must hit Shift-return, rather than just return, to have it evaluate what you typed!!. (c) Give a physical explanation of any major features in your plot. 3. Trajectory of a particle (8 pts: 4 each ). A particle moves in a two-dimensional orbit defined by x(t) = ρ0 [2 − sin(ω t)] y (t) = ρ0 [1 − cos(ω t)] (1) (2) (a) Sketch the trajectory. Find the velocity and acceleration (as vectors, and also their magnitudes), and draw the corresponding velocity and acceleratio...
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