Which eect is more signicant in the end the loss of

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Unformatted text preview: his clumsy space suit), calculate how far the ball landed from him, and compare to what it would have been on earth. (Which effect is more significant in the end, the loss of air drag on the moon, or the difference in gravity? ) 5. Two FBI agents (let’s call them Mulder and Scully) are investigating the wreckage of the spaceship is in three large pieces around a northern Colorado town. One piece (mass = 300 kg) of the spaceship landed 6.0 km due north of the center of town. Another piece (mass = 1000 kg) landed 1.6 km to the southeast (36 degrees south of east) of the center of town. The last piece (mass = 400 kg) landed 4.0 km to the southwest (65 degrees south of west) of the center of town. There are no more pieces of the spaceship. The Air Force, which was watching the spaceship on its radar, claims it was moving with a constant speed of 5 m/s to the east at a height of 1.96 km. It was 100 m west of the center of town when the spaceship spontaneously exploded and the pieces fell to the ground. There is also evidence that none of the pieces aquired appreciable vertical velocities immediately after the explosion. Agents Mulder and Scully think a missile hit it. Are the fragments consistent with the spaceship exploding spontaneously? If not, can you tell what direction the missile came from? Extra credit: More fun with Taylor series An (ideal, unstretchable, massless) string is wrapped tightly around the earth. Then, 1 extra meter is added to its length. You pull up at *one point* of the string. Approximately how high above the ground can you pull this point? (You may be quite surprised by the answer, I was!)...
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