Supposed that this container with a missile inside is

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Unformatted text preview: er. Supposed that this container, with a missile inside, is fixed on a truck, where the longitudinal orientation of the container is parallel to the direction of the motion of the truck. As the container is fixed to the truck, there will be no relative motion between the truck and the container, but because of the shock absorbing packing material the missile may move relative to the container with response to the acceleration or deceleration of the truck. Assume that the packing material at each end can be modeled as a linear elastic element with stiffness constant k and damping ratio b . • Derive a transfer function between the longitudinal motion of the truck, xtruck, and the relative motion of the missile with respect to the container, xrel. xtruck xrel b b k k ME304/Spring 2008/Section 03/HW2 2...
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