The diaphragm of the hydraulic accumulator and the

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Unformatted text preview: aphragm of the hydraulic accumulator and the gas in it can be modeled as a massless piston and a linear spring, respectively. The spring is undeformed when p1=0. Assume frictionless and leakage free hydraulic ram. The equivalent mass of the piston and the load can be considered as m. Assuming the fluid is incompressible, • Write all necessary time domain equations, • Obtain the transfer function X(s)/Ps(s), • Draw the block diagram representation of this system taking x as the output. ME304/Spring 2008/Section 03/HW3 1 Problem 2 V1 i(t) R1 R2 C ic V2 L iL For the electrical system shown in the figure, find the transfer function V1(s) / I(s). ME304/Spring 2008/Section 03/HW3 2...
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