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05 h r2 ohm kb03 vsrad me304spring 2008section 03hw9

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Unformatted text preview: nt L=0.05 H R=2 ohm Kb=0.3 V.s/rad ME304/Spring 2008/Section 03/HW9 1 Motor torque constant Kt=0.3 N.m/A Rotor inertia J=0.2 kg/m2 Mechanical damping b=0.01 N.m.s/rad • • • • • • Determine the conditions on K for the closed loop system to be stable. Find the DC gain, system characteristic time, undamped natural frequency and damping ratio of the system in terms of system parameters. What should be the K value to have undamped natural frequency ωn = 41 rad / sec ? With the selected proportional gain, if the system is subjected to a unit step input, o calculate the final value of angular speed, o the damping ratio, damped natural frequency, o rise time, peak ti...
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