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inserting creates a new leaf node its its parent is

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Unformatted text preview: 17 18 8 Insert_In_Order(), Insert_In_Order(), BST ! ! ! ! ! Inserting creates a new leaf node Its Its parent is an existing leaf node, or a node with with only one child With With BST properties, we can find the location of insert in O(log2n) To To link this new node to the rest of the tree, only only one link needs to be updated Assuming Assuming that memory allocation happens in constant time, the entire Insert_In_Order() algorithm is on average O(log2n) 9 Lists Lists as a BT ! Lists, Lists, while good dynamic data structures, have some some operations that are not quite efficient – Finding the Kth element, Find_Kth() – Inserting/deleting at location k, Add_Kth(), Inserting/deleting Remove_Kth() Remove_Kth() ! ! BT BT make these operations efficient BT structure: – Leaf nodes are elements from the list – Non-leaf nodes store the number of elements in the Non-leaf left left child – Use a heterogeneous tree (each node in the tree can Use store store different types) 10 Example Example 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E # element 3 1 1 A Non-leaf nodes store the leaf number of elements in the left left child 1 B D E C 11 Implementation: Implementation: F...
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