Maintains maintains a heap rooted at position i in

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Unformatted text preview: array: { 17, 16, 14, 8, 15, 14, 9, 4, 3} 28 Heap as a priority queue ! Maintains Maintains a heap rooted at position i in array[0, …, n], n], assuming that left and right children are heaps Function Downward_heapify(array, i, n): temp_r temp_r ← array[i]; while while ((j = 2*i+1) ≤ n) n) if if (j < n and array[j] < array[j+1]) j ← j+1 if if (temp_r ≥ array[j]) array[j]) break break else else array[i] ← array[j] i←j array[i] array[i] ← temp_r 29 Heap as a priority queue ! Algorithm Algorithm for removing the front element from a max heap stored in array[0, array[0, …, n-1] Array[0] Array[0] ← array[n-1] array[nDownward_heapify(array, 0, n-2) n- 30 Heap Heap priority queue: complexity ! worst case time complexity of remove: time – Traverse all the way to a leaf Traverse – Since the depth of the almost complete BT Since is is floor(log2 n), algorithm needs at most ), floor(log floor(log2 n) comparisions and floor(log2 n) + 1 copy operations copy ! Result: (log Result: O(log n) 31 Sorting using a Heap ! With With a max heap as descending priority queue, the algorithm is just the general selection selection sort: for for i ← 1 to n-1 Upward_heapify(r, i) for for i ← n-1 downto 1 r[i] r[i] ↔ r[0] Downward_heapify(r, 0, i-1) ! Heapsort Heapsort is in-place 32 Sorting using a Heap ! Worst case time complexity: – Inserting one element has complexity: O(log n) Inserting (log – Inserting n element has complexity O(n log n) Inserting log – Likewise with removing n elements: O(n log n) Likewise log – Heapsort worst-case result: O(n log n) worst-case log ! Best Best case (all elements are identical) – Inserting and removing one element: O(1) Inserting – Inserting and removing n identical elements: O(n) Inserting identical – Heapsort best case result: O(n) Heapsort 33 Building heap more efficiently ! Use Down_heapify to build heap for for i ← n/2 - 1 downto 0 n/2 Downward_heapify(r, i, n-1) for for i ← n-1 downto 1 r[i] r[i] ↔ r[0] Downward_heapify(r, 0, i-1) ! O(n) to build heap instead of O(n log n) log 34...
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