To pay for the requested period opening ceremonies

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Unformatted text preview: to pay for the requested period; opening ceremonies and swimming are more popular popular than (name your least favorite sport) – Your program should schedule the set of nonnonoverlapping overlapping requests to maximize the amount of money money the driver using the program would earn 7 A Consulting Job Consulting Scenario Scenario 3: Some customers might have wanted wanted the same driver for a set of timetimeperiod requests – Your program should pick the sets of Your requests to maximize the amount of money the driver would receive without overlapping overlapping time The The first two problems are easy, but the last last is intractable 8 What What are data structures? Organization of information (objects) for ease of manipulation Examples: – – – – Dictionary Check-out line Spring-loaded plate dispenser Organizational chart Associated with methods (algorithms) for manipulating objects 9 What What is an Algorithm? A method of doing something Examples – Multiplying two numbers is an algorithm – Making toast is an algorithm – Getting dressed in the morning is an algorithm We're interested in – Does it do the job correctly? – Is it as efficient as it can be? 10 What What You would Learn Advanced Advanced programming ideas, in practice practice and in theory Data structures and their abstractions – Stacks, lists, trees, and graphs Fundamentals Fundamentals of algorithms and their complexities complexities – Sorting, searching, hashing, and graph Sorting, algorithms algorithms Problem solving 11 At At the End of Semester … All All of you can find an efficient solution to the first first problem and the second problem Some of you will go into grad school to find Some out out why it is unlikely to find an efficient solution solution to the last problem – Or you find an efficient solution to the NP-hard NP-hard problem and be rich and famous ☺ (see (...
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