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s1popalls2 should be ok since classa is a super type

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Unformatted text preview: requests a refund because they want more flexibility 18 Are we losing polymorphism? class Stack<T>{! public void pushAll(Stack<T> s){! for(//there is element in me)! s.push(pop());! }! public void popAll(Stack<T> s) {! for(//there is element in s)! push(s.pop());! }! }! //Let us say ClassB is a ! //subclass of ClassA! Stack<ClassA> s1 = new Stack<ClassA>();! ! Stack<ClassB> s2 = new Stack<ClassB>();! ! s2.pushAll(s1); ! //should be OK since ClassB is also a ! //type of ClassA. s1 that handles the ! //super type can handle subtypes! ! s1.popAll(s2); ! //should be OK since ClassA is a super! //type of ClassB. Again, s1 should be ! //able to take subtypes of ClassA.! ! ! It seems that parameters should behave polymorphically 19 We need “wild card” •  In defining a generic type –  “E extends ClassA” represents all subtypes of ClassA •  In defining a container variable that b...
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